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Originally Posted by NordicG3K View Post
This is not correct. Check with BATFE. There are numerous kits that involve adding a stock to a Glock and these all require that the pistol be registered as a short barreled rifle. Same thing when putting a folding stock on a Heckler & Koch SP89 pistol. Also, you cannot buy a AR15 pistol and then simply put a stock on it. The fact that it is built as a "handgun" is irrelevant. If you take any sub-16" barreled firearm and turn it into a shoulder fired weapon without registering it as a NFA item you are committing a federal crime.
Sorry I guess I made it clear as mudd, but I was trying to say the mfg could do it either way, but not legal for us to do. And in the case of switching the T/C or Ruger around you probably never have anyone say anything about the T/C because of their known barrel options. Not sure the same would be true about Ruger, but I bet you money that if you swapped out for standard barrel and stock no one would ever notice unless in the woods and you were checked by game warden and he wanted to look at your gun.
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