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Haven't used their 10mm ammo, but I did shoot some 45-70 of theirs that Cheaper Than Dirt advertises on their site as 405 grain FP at 1600FPS, but the box said 1200 FPS. It chrono'd at 1050 FPS out of my 18.5" guide gun, so maybe they were shooting it out of a longer barrel. It was dirty, and made a mess in my barrel, with unburnt powder in the action. Not impressed. There was so little powder in the case that when you shook one it was obvious that it wasn't even 1/3 full in there. Somehow it managed to lead my barrel in 20 rounds also, even at that velocity. It was loaded in new Starline brass though, so I wouldn't call it a total waste at $20 a box. Still way cheaper than everybody else's ammo, and I was able to get brass when everyone was backordered.

As far as manufacturers lying about their velocities, one that I know doesn't do that is Buffalo Bore. I've chrono'd their 10mm, 45 Colt, and 45-70 loads and they were just as advertised. They also didn't require longer barrels to get the advertised velocities. They do cost more than their competition, but I've never been let down by their ammo. That said, I wouldn't pay the premium if they are using cheap-o bullets as has been reported lately. If I'm paying over a buck a piece, I expect a Gold Dot, not a Montana Gold.

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