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Originally Posted by B.Reid View Post
So how is the quality of these guns?
Mine was very good, fit and finish was excellent. Accuracy was better them my Para 45ACP, 1006 S&W, Colt 1911 45ACP at 7 yards. Bench rested, at 25 yards the difference was even more apparent, the G-20/29 was not directly compared with my Witness. That said I think the Glock would win out, at least with me. The 1911 45ACP Colt was close enough to really be tie unless competition shooting.

The Witness is built very strong, maybe stronger then the S&W 1006, but they come with very light springs. I was to be honest leary of the factory spring for any US commercial ammo, even some of the target ammo. The reason being it was throwing brass 20 feet or more, which is a very good clue of too light a recoil spring.

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