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SHANE - I double checked with John Amidon, who is the last word in USPSA rules. I was pretty sure the belt set up was illegal in USPSA and John confirmed my suspicion.
The belt (Blue Force Modular Padded Belt Kit ) is illegal as it does not meet the following criteria:
5.2.3 Unless otherwise specified in the written stage briefing, the belt carrying the holster and all allied equipment must be worn at waist level. The belt or the inner belt or both must be either securely fixed at the E2 waist, or secured with a minimum of three belt loops.
Regarding the holster, John said,
The Holster, while DOH holsters are allowed in some divisions, we do not allow light attachment to them so there is no point in having a holster for a light, when they cannot be used, however, if they chose to use it and it met the 2” requirement as outlined in the appendix, it does not look like it would pass the heel of the butt above the belt as described in... holster with the heel of the butt of the handgun below the top of the belt, except as specified in Appendix D, or otherwise indicated in Rule 5.2.8.

5.2.8 Competitors deemed by the Match Director to be full-time law enforcement officers with arrest powers or military personnel on current active duty orders, may be entitled to use their duty holsters or similar holster and related equipment when such equipment does not strictly satisfy the equipment or other requirements of the declared Division. The Range Master will remain the final authority in respect of the safety and suitability of using such equipment at USPSA matches. The use of such equipment, except as otherwise permitted in the rules, is restricted to Level I matches only.
Here's the link to the USPSA Rule Book for your future reference. I suggest looking at another holster from Blade-Tech, if you plan to stick with that brand, and look to Safarliand for a inner/outer belt combination. There are other belt makers you may also want to look at. Hope that helps. - ERHARDT

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