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I know this is an Old Old post from way back, and there has been alot of discusion on NY-1/NY-2 Triggers and the approved use of the standard 5lb or (-) 3.5 lb connectors in your Glock and never, never, never, use a NY-1 or NY-2, with the (+) 8 lb connector (Kinda like sticking a fork in the wall socket) but you know, I like mine set up that way, NY-1 and (+) connector. I know Glock says don't, and the Armorewrs manual says don't in print, I am just asking ("WHY NOT") and after lots of seasrching, I stil don't get the Why Not because.............answer?!?

Going to the range with my G-27 and G-22's tomorrow and I'll put the standard 5lb connectors back in I guess, (IF) I find out my set up is dangerous, unsafe, or gonna break my babies.


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