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I sent an e-mail to Ramshot Powders today inquiring about SILHOUETTE powder and this was sent back to me within an hour today. I will be picking up some of this powder to try soon.

Caliber: 9mmx25 Dillon.
Barrel length: 6”
Powder: Ramshot –- SILHOUETTE®.
Bullet weight: 115 grains.
Start load: 9.0 grains (1275 – 1350 ft/p/sec)
Maximum load: 10.0 grains (1425 – 1500 Ft/p/sec).
Bullet weight: 124 grains.
Start load: 8.5 grains (1225 – 1275 ft/p/sec)
Maximum load: 9.5 grains (1300 – 1400 Ft/p/sec).
Bullet weight: 147 grains.
Start load: 7.5 grains (1100- 1175 ft/p/sec)
Maximum load: 8.5 grains (1225 – 1275 Ft/p/sec).
It’ important to note that SAFETY is our prime concern therefore we strongly recommend.
1.TO ALWAYS BEGIN LOADING AT THE RECOMMENDED MINIMUM “START” LOAD and develop loads in 2% increments towards the MAXIMUM load.
2.CAUTION: Beware of double charging if the loading density is below 50% of the available volume.
3.If possible, measure the velocity and correlate with our data.

Johan Loubser
Ramshot.Accurate Powders
Tel: 406.234.0422 email:
WesternPowdersInc.Miles City.Montana.

Western Powders Inc. disclaims all possible liability for damages including, actual, incidental and consequential, resulting from usage of the information or advice contained in this message.
Use the data and advice at your own risk, and with extreme caution.
IMPORTANT NOTE: Allways begin loading from the minimum "START charge and carefully develop loads by increasing in small increments of 2% towards the Maximum load.
This communication is confidential and may be legally privileged. If you are not the intended recipient,
(i) please do not read or disclose to others, (ii) please notify the sender by reply mail, and (iii) please
delete this communication from your system. Failure to follow this process may be unlawful. Thank you for your cooperation

I don't know if any of you all have tried this powder for this application but I am going to work with it to check its performance for the 9X25 Dillon.
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