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Originally Posted by Gary1911A1 View Post
I think you want one of the older ones with the square slide instead of the newer rounded slides that don't have as much metal and seem prone to cracking. Some people have good luck with their customer service, but I didn't. Good luck.
The earlier models were smaller and had the rounded slides that seemed to be more problematic, I think it was only the big calibers 40, 10, and 45ACP that had the problems.

I have a friend that bought a pair of 38 Supers about 10 years ago with consecutive serial numbers that are the old style smaller gun with more rounded slide. Says he's never had a problem with the gun's, but he hasn't shot them much. His are blued models.

The heavy square slide has come and gone on the Witness model, but I don't think they have yet replaced the squared slides on the models. I remember when they came out with the big squared heavy slides and bought a new one, really liked the gun for fit and finish, but ugly as hell with clunky looking square slide, but felt great in the hand. The price was the buying point at $450 out the door. The last Match model was the inbetween model with straight unrounded slide and was really nice looking in two tone.

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