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Anyone familiar with the New CQC-7 vs the old (1990s) Benchmade model?

I have a mid-90s CQC-7 collaboration between Mr. Emerson and Benchmade (It's a good knife, no problems, and I'm very impressed with it.), however I was thinking of picking up a newer model after so many years.

I like the knife quite a bit and the specs (IIRC from the mid-90s when I bought it) are ATS-34 or 154CM steel, tanto style non-combo blade, chisel ground on one side, 50,000lbs tensile tested blade strength, zytel (or G-10?) handles/grips, hex-screws with allen wrench needed on blade and clip to adjust either one, and a titanium liner lock).

As I said, I am thinking of purchasing a newer Emerson version of the knife (EMERSON CQC-7 TANTO 3.3" B-T COMBO) and know that some changes have been done to the knife and that Mr. Emerson produces it himself with "a wave" feature now versus the model I have which was a collaboration with Benchmade in the 1990s.

I was wondering if anyone has had experience with the old model versus the newer one and more specifically:
(1) What specific changes have been made to the new knife from the one I now own in addition to "the wave" feature?
(2) What were the reasons for these changes, i.e.: What improvements were gained by the changes or were they primarily proprietary changes to possibly remove it as a Benchmade product and establish it as Mr. Emerson's unique design so it could be sold by his company?...and/or is the knife essentially the same as the mid-1990s model which also goes by the CQC-7 name, and one that I like so well?

Thanks - and any info you have will be appreciated.

BTW: I have already submitted this question in the "GATE Knives and Knife Fighting" forum and am waiting to see if Mr. Emerson approves it and has any input for me, but I also wanted to ask here to see if any "end-users" have experience with both versions.

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