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Is there a spring that came out of it?

The middle picture in your link shows what the spring connects to. Over the years they have had some changes. Original did not have this AutoLAWKS set up.

For the most partI tend to start at the pivot pin for assembly.

Insert the nut end of the pivot pin in the handle slab.
Then put the AutoLAWKS piece in, followed by the liner with the locking bar.
put the bronse washer on then the knife blade. I tend to put the knife blade in the assembly in the open position to prevent fighting the locking bar pushing things apart.

then put the white washer, other liner, handle scale on and start the screw into the nut of the pivot pin assembly. leave it loose while you install the back spacer or spacer pins at the back of the knife. For the spacer or pins I start the screw and then get the other side started and tighten up the pomel then adjust the hinge pin to my desired tension.
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