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Re: CQC-7 Questions

Dear BRabbit,

Although the Benchmade/CQC-7 was a fine and reliable knife, we did make several changes to the knife. Basically, the overall shape is the same. I will list our changes as follows;

1. Bigger Pivot Bolt diameter, We used .250 diameter.

2. Thicker G-10 handles with enhanced grip surface, (Benchmade also used G-10 not zytel).

3. G-10 backspacer on Emerson -- Plastic on Benchmark.

4. Longer stop pin on Emerson, extending past the liners and into the handle G-10.

5. "Normal" hardware -- slotted and philips head for ease of disassembly and cleaning.

6. Backspacer screws are screwed into metal (the opposite liner) not G-10 as on the Benchmade.

7. Benchmade's Warranty was voided if the knife was taken apart. All Emersons carry lifetime warranties.

8. It was designed by Emerson, it is built by Emerson and therefore is now subject to the standards defined by Emerson.

Thats it in a nutshell.

My Best Regards,

Ernest R. Emerson
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