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Originally Posted by the perfesser View Post
I did not set up this club, but I could not resist the temptation to baptize it with the first post and thread. I had an opportunity to shoot both the FN carbine and the pistol briefly some time ago. Found both intriguing, and would like an opportunity to shoot the pistol once again.

My two questions:
(1) Does anyone think that the FN pistol has much of a civilian-commercial or military future?
(2) Will the pistol be discontinued, but the carbine live on for specialized military/police users and as a civilian-owned oddity?
Second post! Darn it, you beat me to the first

I have a PS90 and a Five-seveN. The Five-seveN is a lot of fun to shoot. I can shoot it quickly and accurately and the fireball is fun.

I'm not sure what kind of future the pistol has. FN doesn't seem to promote it or the ammo a lot, but then I think they are being conservative to help keep it from being banned.

I hope the pistol is not discontinued. Both the pistol and the carbine are an oddity to me. They are both fun and should do reasonably well for self defense. If I knew I was going into harms way I would want something more powerful though.

The cartridge has potential that FN isn't using for some reason. My guess is that they don't want to increase the civilian ammo's capability of penetrating body armor.
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