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There is nothing available that will give the luster and depth of a nice high polish blue finish. There are some satin black finishes available (such as our Roguard) but frankly they cannot duplicate the appearance of bluing.

Bluing is a type of black oxide finish, it is what is considered a conversion process rather than a coating or plating. As such, the blue/black finish is extremely thin; if you were to measure a steel part - even to .0001" - before and after bluing you would not be able to measure any dimensional change. All a long-winded way of saying that bluing is very thin and wears through pretty quickly.

Unfortunately there is no way to protect a blued firearm that is used & carried from showing wear over time. You can minimize the wear by using a properly fitted, good quality holster and not using abrasive cleaning products like lead removal cloths. The only "trick" I've heard is to apply a paste wax to the surface, but that would be more for corrosion resistance than protection from wear in my opinion.
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