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Magnum 357, I think your question calls for an open thread with lots of opinions. Heck, it could sustain a book, particularly when you consider the essential, but unasked question: do you move and shoot at all, or stand your ground to fire?

Any combatant needs to fight toward his strengths and away from his weaknesses. Personally, I hit a lot better on moving targets when I fire from standing, than I hit on standing targets while moving rapidly enough to be a significantly more difficult target myself. Lots of shooting in tactical replication scenarios will help the individual decide which is the most promising strategy for him or her. So will Force on Force training, but in the latter, keep in mind that real bullets travel a lot faster than Simunitions or Airsoft pellets.

Physical attributes of the individual will also come into play here. Are you a naturally gifted athlete who can glide in any direction with the smoothness of a ballerina on ice skates, or are you a naturally clumsy guy with bad knees and a severe weight problem that force you to waddle like a ruptured duck, making your body a much less stable moving gun platform?

The variables make it a natural for thread discussion in a venue such as GT Tactics and Training.

Sorry I couldn't answer your question more decisively,

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