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2nd Gen Glock 19 desecration?

OK, so I got a sweet deal on a 2nd gen G19 for $250 w/2 LEO marked 15 round mags. I got it cheap because the frame is a little chewed up and the slide has some nicks and small pits in it. It has night sights that still glow so that's a plus.

Now, the 19 doesn't fit my hand well due to the hump being in the palm of my hand as opposed to the 17 where the hump rests just below it. So I was going to send it off to ColdBore for a grip reduction, but I can't help but feel I'm going to destroy a collector.

Now the other side is telling me that due to its condition it's not really all that collectible and I should just get as much comfortable use out of it as I can since I'll be using it as my daily carry when I'm not carrying my 1911.

So what do you guys think? Would I be desecrating a collectible piece or should I just go ahead and not worry about it?

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