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Originally Posted by Gun-adian View Post
Shadow.....Yes please, post any new info you can get. It's your data that got me started down the 9x25 road.

Sorry about that...I is a wicked little round.
How were your primers? Did they start to flatten any? Some? Alot? Mashed Flat?
How was the casings? Extraction? Expanded? Any Split?

I wish I knew what the powder is that DT McNett is using...I e-mailed him to ask but he probably will never say or it is "Commercial Only" stock.

I'm hoping after I recieve my VLTOR Bren Ten, I e-mailed Eric Kinkel and asked about producing some 9x25Dillon conversion barrels and others for it. He said that we think alike and it was a possibility.
The first step will be if we ever see the guns...

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