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I've got a hundred+ knives, and have half a dozen CRKT M16s that cost 30$ each. I carry a pair of 'em, often. They're adequate for my purposes.

I've got 100$ folders that aren't one bit better than the $30 folders, for any practical purpose. Except they give you a bigger excuse to snivel when you lose one.

It's not necessary to pay retail to get value. In fact, it's not recommended.

Buy utility that works, and spares. Past that, spending bigger is self indulgence.

I don't happen to like gerber cause they use mediocre steel, and it's a shade overpriced.

Spyderco, CRKT, Kershaw.. three brands with value built in. Cherry pick, maybe buy used/LNIB, but if a brand has fanboyz run away run away. It's flushing money.
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