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Originally Posted by Ebb27 View Post
No, the top one is a gun I bought used 6 years ago.

The bottom is from a thread that was posted on another forum a few days ago.

Not sure what it was you owned but the older full-size Witness's had square slides and at some point in the last couple of years they've switched to a thinner "contoured" slide which has been having cracking issues.

Perhaps they were using contoured slides 8 or 10 years ago and went to square slides, but whatever the case they're back to using contoured slides on their latest models and are having problems at least with the 10mm's anyway.
See my correction edit above, I just went to EAA and they show the big square slide for Witness and Hunter both as they were only two I checked.

I think my friend is correct and they just tried a new design or something and it failed a few years ago. I remember on the old CZ forum (4 -5 yrs ago) before it died or I lost link or whatever that in the clone section they was a lot of talk about a new variation EAA that failed and they were to be avoided and EAA was bawking on warranty on the guns.
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