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Originally Posted by Ebb27 View Post
Not sure what pics they're using on their website but all the new ones I've been seeing either in person or on the web have the contoured slides and these are the ones that are having all the reports of cracked slides.

I do recall some threads on the CZ forums about Witness .45s with cracked frames a few years back, but the issue with the 10mm's and cracked slides is a fairly recent one I've been seeing over the past year or so.
The 10mm is the one I remember being talked about. I looked at last week that were ordered for a guy were 45ACP in Wonder Finish, with one a full sized and one compact model. Another store has a new Match in 38 Super he's had since last month that I have held a couple times and was thinking hard about buying, but will probably not because I don't want to buy another caliber dies setup for my Dillon. But it is a beauty, with about a 2-3 pound trigger and no creep or over travel. If it had been 10mm I would have bought it if it was same price.

Another factor was warranty and they screwed me twice on my other two Witness guns, not going to swing again unless the price is so good I can't refuse.

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