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Originally Posted by PrimitiveBeasty View Post
My defining moment didn't happen to me, so to speak. I managed to run across the video of the death of Deputy Kyle Dinkheller. The video image itself isn't so disturbing or upsetting, I would say - it's the sound. I've never heard anyone scream like that man did as he was killed, and hope I never hear anyone else scream like that again. I resolved to never die in such an unfortunate manner as Kyle Dinkheller, nor let any of those around me suffer the same fate. I think what happened to him was horrible, and wish it hadn't happened (as we might feel about all such crimes), but it is certainly something for us to learn from.
This is the first time I've actually seen the video. It's horrifying, it's profoundly disturbing, and I cried afterward (quietly... the family is asleep), but I'm glad that I watched it. I'm fortunate enough to spend my days with good people, and sometimes I forget why my gun is on me whenever I leave my home.

Thanks for posting this. It was harsh, but I needed a reminder.
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