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My father is a retired LEO, served 30 years before retiring due to PTSD after a severe incident in which his Glock 17 took 4 lives in order to save his own including a bullet to the slide which saved his.

My father raised me around guns, always teaching me the safety and how to handle them from the earliest age that I can remember. Fast forward to June 2008, my dad retired and gave me his Gen 1 glock 17 service weapon. I was 20 at the time and so kept the weapon at home. Turned 21 a few months later, put off the idea of CCW.

Come Feb 2010, My fiance and I were out of town and got lost in a new town during an interview for medical school, experienced an attempted car jacking at multiple gun point, luckily escaped with life and hide in tact. Took the CCW course and submitted app the next day (literally) and received license in the mail a few weeks ago.

Glock 17 proved bulky to CCW, invested in new 26 for $510 after tax. Got the basic with regular sights and three clips and a free tauga leather holster thrown in. I CCW daily now with Gold dot LE 147 HP ammo.
Gen 2 Glock 17 - Dads Ex-LEO gun, born Feb '90
Gen 3 Glock 26 - My daily CCW, born Apr '10

1st year Medical Student

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