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Originally Posted by the perfesser View Post

I presume that you know all about ATP just south of your town. I think that you're lucky! I stop there at least once on every Charleston visit. Do you know if they will rent out a 5.7 pistol to use at their indoor range? This curious "hobby-ist" from the Upcountry wants to know!
Hey perfesser! I've been to ATP a few times. They seem a bit pricey, but it sure is fun to look at the selection. They do class 3 and I believe they rent class 3 too. Every fun shop should have some suppressors behind the glass.

I saw someone pick up a wicked looking Saiga SBR shotty a while back

I don't know if they will rent a Five-seveN or not.

Are there any other gun stores I should visit nearby? I'm fairly new here. I was in Columbus, GA and can heartily recommend Barrow's in Butler, GA. The gun part of the store is in the back of a Napa car parts store. They have a great selection and prices. No class 3 though.

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