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Originally Posted by G30SF/F-250 View Post
I have always carried a pocket knife (folder w/ lock blade) since I was a kid. For the last 5 years it has been a Gerber I got for around $30-$40 bucks.

I use it for work and personel stuff, sometimes for light tapping of things when needed, basically a tool (the knife, not me).

Now that I have been reading about the other world of knives, would I need to carry 2? A $30 dollar tool and a $200 dollar delicate cutting device or will these high dollar blades handle the work.
Leave it to GT to show me something that I must have now.
some people like to have a "trash" blade and a "nice" blade. not me. my normal carry is a fixed blade - a Benchmade Nimravus. the Nimravus is not very thick, more of slicer, but i have used this for ALL SORTS of tasks and only ONCE did i ever use it for something that i later wished i hadn't - scraping sparks off a fire steel, i burned chips into the edge that are deep enough to still be there after about 5 sharpenings

get a good knife and use it. as long as you understand - it's a KNIFE, not a pry bar, you will probably never see the need for a cheaper knife. you're "good" knife will easily handle all the tasks you need it too

there's really only 2 reasons why i would (or do) carry two knives (1) one is openly carried and i want to have something nobody knows about (2) one is big/strong enough for chopping, prying, batoning and i still want something small for intricate tasks. other than that, i'm fine with one decent knife.
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