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well i turn 20 in a few months but already on my second gun, i assure you the day i turn 21 i will have my ccw permit. but there were a few defining moments for me even as a youngin lol.
-First, was only about 10 at home and large male tried to get into the house, luckily my grandfather (FDLE) was in town and ran him off and arrested him
-second, about 2 years ago my mom was picking up my little sister from her elementary school bus stop appx 200yds away from my house and a 23yo male decided he didnt want her parked out front of his house and he pulled an old revolver out and pointed it at my mother and 9yo sister. i wasnt there but watching cops fly past my house w/ guns drawn and the thoucht of loosing my mom and sister hit my hard ( even scary to think about now).
-third was me personally, family was out at the movies i came home about 9pm after work, walked in the house and dogs were barking and sprinting around the house very angry ( 3 rottweilers) i walk past a hall and glance over to see a window open and i dont realize it until im half way upstairs.. i sprint up the remaining stairs and lock myself in my room. the dogs continued to bark then they were fine.i sat in my room with a loaded walther p22 ready to fire. very scary moment for a 18yo. i called 911 and they said they would send someone over and i called my mom to come home, mom was home in 3 min and local PD... 3 HOURS! they thought i said there "was someone in my house" and they send a dept over to fill out a report. they didnt take anything and idk if any one actually made it through the house or the dogs scared them away.
- overall, i kno im young but have been raised around firearms and a family and friends in law enforcement. i have been properly trained on how to handle a firearm and i am a very responsible young adult. so with that i say that i will very surely take advantage of the 2nd amendment and my states laws allowing me to carry my ever so wonderfull G19RTF2 thanks for listening everybody
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