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check out for the latest on the 6.8

This is a little comparison between cartridges since some assume the 5.56 77gr SMK has a great BC and leaves the 6.8 in the dust.
Drops at 1000yds using a 300 zero. the 5.56 load is a typical match load from 6mmBR and one I have used for several years, it hits 2600 from a 26" barrel.
These are all handloads and what I believe anyone shooting a HP match might shoot, I don't think anyone competing would use factory loads.

5.56 -77gr SMk -BC .356-at 2600fps Z'd at 300 drops 507" and drifts 158" in a 10mph 9 O'clock cross末末末末26" barrel
6.8-110 Nosler-BC.370- at 2900fps Z'd at 300 drops 372" and drifts 129" " " 末末will hit 2800 from a 16", 2900 from a 20" barrel, maybe 3000 from a 26"- note this is a hunting bullet all others are match bullets
6.5 G-123 Lapua- BC.547- at 2620fps Z'd at 300 drops 327" and drifts 88" " " 末末末Bills max suggested load from pdf grendel forum -24" barrel. maybe 2670 from a 26" barrel
6BRX-107 SMK-BC.518- at 3050fps Z'd at 300 drops 239" and drifts 76" " " 末末末-22" barrel, maybe 3150 from a 26"
Hi perf barrels and bolts
8 twist, 5R, Melonite, Wylde chamber
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