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Originally Posted by Jeepnik View Post
Wow, it was so long ago, almost thirty years, I really don't have a "defining" moment. It was more like I could so I did. Funny thing, the potential need for it was, at least in my opinion, really not there back then. And, I'll admit that there have been periods when I just didn't even though I could. Today, I actually, think there is a demonstrable need. So, there's my story, short and boring as it is.
Not boring. That's just how it goes for many.

When I was in high school, I knew that CCW was an option (as an adult) but never considered carrying. When Damn Yankees came to Salt Lake City in '92, I listened to Ted Nugent talk at length about the RKBA during a radio interview that morning, and then at the concert, but the concept still didn't sink in.

But when it eventually sank in for me, it sank deep.
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