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I also posted the following information in a similar RTF2 thread:

The G19/G23 RTF2's were formally announced for release back in November 2009. The latest RTF2's with crescent serrations look to have been issued June 2010. That makes it a 8 month run for the G19/G23 RTF2 with crescent serrations. With the other models and finishes for that 8 month period, that makes the G19/G23 RTF2 with crescent serrations pretty scarce.

The G22 RTF2 was first introduced for release in the 2009 Shot Show (January 2009) then the G17 RTF2 was announced for release May 2009. That makes it a 18 month run for the G22 RTF2 with crescent serrations and an 14 month run for the G17 RTF2 with crescent serrations.
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