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Recipe for G29

I have been reloading for some time but this is my first foray into the 10mm relm. I have 1lb. of Longshot, 180 gr. XTP's, WLP and once fired brass (DT, Starline and PMC). Can anyone give me a good recipe (from personal experience) for a carry load using the listed components out of a G29.

I purchased Longshot due to it being a relatively fast powder when compared to the top 10mm powders (800x, Power Pistol, blue dot, AA#9) in hopes it would help with the shorter barrel. I would use 800x but it seems it does not meter well. I wanted to try Power Pistol but my local Bass Pro does not carry it and I don't like Haz-Mat fees so I went with Longshot.

I also have a bunch of Berry's 180 plated FP's for practice loads. If you have a suggestion for that as well it would be appreciated. I have a chronograph but I figured if someone has already figured out good loads for each of these it will save me some time and more importantly $$$ in components. I was going to start 9.0 grains and work up. FYI I am loading with a Lee Classic turret with Pro auto disk powder measure and I use the factory crimp die as well.

Thanks in advance.
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