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Originally Posted by English View Post
Im confused. I thought it was guns that made people rob other people. Now you're telling me its drugs that do it.
English, I know you meant that in jest but I have to say this to all here.

A friend of my family got real upset when his wife decided to leave him for another guy. He, after a terrible argument, shot her in the knee with a .22 rifle so she would not leave. Of course he went to prison, and the sad thing is, his 15 year old son got into drugs (I was told from some very low class people who lived nearby.)

The 15 year old, desperate for drugs (meth is also what I was told he was on), stole an old ladies purse, in the process striking her and she ended up with stitches in the head. The 15 year old also ended up in prison as he was tried as an adult.

No the 15 year old didn’t have a gun. He was a strong kid and his target was an old lady and her purse.

So no gang, guns don’t cause robberies. But the desperation for a drug fix sure do. They get to hurting so much for the need of a fix they will do ANYTHING, just anything, to get the money for the next fix. And that includes killing.

And for those who say, well legalize drugs! Well even if meth was legal, those on meth lose any desire to work (and thus pay for it), any desire for friends, and any desire for family. All they desire is the next fix. And they will get it any way they can.

“We can evade reality, but we cannot evade the consequences of evading reality” Ayn Rand

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