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I have a stainless one with the light barrel and two blued ones with the heavy barrel. I put a rifle basix sear in one with a heavy barrel. None of mine have the accu trigger.

The light barreled 93 does not get hot at all, and the accuracy is exactly the same. The biggest difference is that, with the standard trigger, it is easier to follow through with the heavy barrel because the gun is more stable at rest. The standard trigger is a bit heavy and gritty. The light barrel model is much easier to carry around hunting though.

With this caliber, precise shots are important because your targets are usually small and the bigger targets need to be hit exactly right (ex: turkeys, foxes, coyotes). I would recommend the heavy barrel model over the light barrel model because it is easier to shoot accurately when you don't get a perfect trigger pull.

The rifle basix trigger is not great, and it is the only available after market trigger that I know of. It makes the pull lighter, but it can't be tuned to a perfect crisp trigger pull. It's mushy, but very light.

As far as accuray, it's easy to shoot groups the size of a quarter at 100 yards. I have not seen any shange in point of impact using different brands of 17 gr. ammo. I have tried federal, cci, and hornady. I have not tried 20 gr. stuff because I don't see the point of it.

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