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Originally Posted by marsan View Post
This is the reason I submitted this question. I'm from NYC Metro area and meet many NYPD LEOs on the range. The Gold Dot 124 Gr +P functions beautifully on their Duty Glock 19 pistols. There have been many issues with reliability for the same ammo with Kahr pistols causing the Kahr to be extracted from the authorized list. I've only had 1 FTF with my Kahr in over 5000 rounds, but only with std load. I'm just trying to limit the types of ammo I have to buy.
I do not have any personal knowledge that the 124 gr +P was causing reliability issues (FTF, FTE, stovepiping, etc...) in K9s. What I heard (rumors) was that due to the thinner size of the K9 (thus smaller/slimmer parts), the NYPD de-authorized future purchases of the K9 as off-duties.

Unless you're getting the Gold Dot +P for free, they're pretty expensive to shoot as range ammo. Do like in the old days of .357 Mags. Shoot the standard .38s for practice and carry .357s for real. Same-same for standard 9mm and the Gold Dot +Ps.
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