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Sell me on a new CQC7

I used to have an older BM CQC7, but unfortunately I no longer have it.

I'm thinking about getting a new Emerson at this point, but have a few questions. Is the new new cerracote as durable as the black t that was used in the past?

I've gotten away from liner locks, and have been carrying Spyderco's with the lock back style, but I by far prefer the round thumb opener of the Emerson over the hole in the spydie. I've also been reading some different opinions regarding the liner lock on the Emersons. I just want to know if I decide to get one, that I made the right choice and avoid any issues.

It will be used for carry on most days for sd. I will not be using this knife on a daily basis as a utility knife.

Any opinions? Thanks.
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