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P6 problem(s) update

No doubt the two issues are related. My friend was shooting the P6 that I advised him to buy, and which he is pleased with overall. he was half way through a magazine when the trigger appeared not to reset. No click, no bang. I looked at it at that point and indeed the trigger, although it seemed to be in the correct position for a SA shot, was not engaging anything on the pull. My friend racked the next round into place and the gun fired normally, and continued to for another ten or so rounds. Then, the same issue occurred, and he racked it again, expecting the gun to fire on the new round. HOWEVER, at this point, although the trigger did indeed drop the hammer on the new round, it did not fire. He recocked the hammer with his thumb and tried again 3-4 times, at which point I suggested we look at the round. I expected it was simply a failed primer, but on inspection there was NO imprint of the firing pin on the primer, even after those repeated attempts.

I brought the gun home and fieldstripped, cleaned, checked function as much as I know how, and reassembled. Dry firing does not show any problems, and when the gun is apart and the safety lock is depressed, the firing pin seems to have full range of motion, and the end does not appear damaged. I don't think this gun has experienced a pierced primer. I am headed back to the range today, but just going on hope at this point.

BTW, springs are original and DA pull is very stiff, which I expect is normal. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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