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Originally Posted by dsmw5142 View Post
LOL.... it takes a few matches to get over wanting to pie every corner. You will find eventually though, USPSA helps your IDPA game and gets your a** moving.
Truer words have seldom been spoken. I hit a local IDPA match (first one at the time). I'd been shooting USPSA Production for 3 years or so when I started IDPA, and had hit "B" class (same as "Master" in IDPA). When I shot the first stage, the top guy in their group said "D*mn!!! YOU are FAST!!!". Heck, I was only about average in USPSA, but I won that first match and all but a couple of them since then.

<g> Even with the PEs for dropping mags and not using cover, I whipped 'em...LOLOLOL. 'Tis better now. I've all but given up USPSA and run an IDPA club up here with a good following.

Shoot both, it'll help!

A...O...Way to go, Ohio...(Chrissy Hein)

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