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Glock 36 Issues Continued....Report

I'm the one who bought a Glocktalks members 2008 G36 that had issues. He ran it through Glock several times and still issues. After his complete frustration with the problem, I purchased the troubled Glock and decided to run my own tests for pure pleasure to see why my favorite firearms company could find no wrong.

The tests and report of the whole escapade are located on

Feel free to read the history and new report and create some good clean discussions on the subject. I will try to field some questions as I have time and hopefully some of the very intelligent folks on GT can bring some more light to this problematic issue with some G36 and now the new Gen4 versions starting to crop up.

I will not answer or get involved in any non-constructive side topics and only plead to everyone to keep it clean and positive so this can help others. I did experience problems like Chris and others I had try did too. So it wasn't the old Limp Wrist that everyone wants to throw out.

I've been shooting Glocks since they came to the US and continue to carry one daily. I fully trust them and appreciate them for what they are. I don't stick my head in the sand though and deny a Friday or bad supplier doesn't get into the mix every now and again.

Thanks and I hope it this will lead somewhere eventually to help the ones with problems. The G36 is a fine gun with a very important role. Unfortunately nothing is perfect.


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