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Cigarlover - Yes, I have digital calipers and mics and have a 36 that functions. So checking all the data between the 2 is possible and I thought about doing that too. Would love to have the blueprints of the G36 to bump against.

Jim S. - Only part changed after the last factory visit from Chris was the slide stop as it was bent inwards per pics in report. All parts met Glock specs per Glock smiths both times it went in. If the recoil assembly is the culrit being too strong, I could see the wolf version possibly correcting that issue.

1sgmp - I am glad you got a good one as many are. I have one that is fine and this one that hiccups very consistently at 4% with most target type ammo. Future tests will determine if the more powerful defense ammo makes it run better. It didn't cause any issues for Chris. That's why I still suspect the recoil assembly.
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