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bentbiker - while testing with dummy rounds, you can see that happen. The back of the rim while extracting does catch the case neck on the fresh cartridge in the mag.

The G36 has the flatest angle to the mag feed of all the glocks I've owned and seen. That along with the wobble in the magwell allows your pinky to move the mag bottom rearward dropping the front of the mag and only makes the angle to feed less. I believe this makes the problem intensify.

Hotter ammo must push past this issue as it doesn't seem to happen then. Nor does it happen every round. With only 4 FTEs per 100rds, it is only lightly doing it at best.

But I agree that it is a possible issue. That's where the cardboard behind the mag in between it and the magwell has been claimed to solve the issue. Haven't tried it yet.

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