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Ruger 10/22 Jammin mofo'

Hi all,

I recently (about a year ago) bought a 10/22. It's a pretty basic one, wood stock, black painted reciever, standard barrel, plastic trigger group etc. I love shooting all day at the cost of about $10. However, my particular rifle has a very annoying problem. It jams probably once every 5 rounds on average. I clean it well after each use and it has had this problem since brand new. Serial # is 353-44xxx. The problem is that it stovepipes the extracted casing either to the right of the chamber, blocking the bolt/action from going full forward (most common) and occasionally above the chamber and new cartridge (less common) also blocking the bolt/action from going full forward and making it much more difficult to clear the jam. The rifle also occasionally fails to feed a new round without a stovepipe, but I account this to the old butler creek mag that doesnt fit as tight in the magwell as it used to (as the new BC mag doesnt have this problem). I get this problem using the factory 10rd magazine, and also when using 25 round butler creek magzines. It doesn't seem to make a difference in the frequency of jams using either type of mag. I've used different types of ammo, none seem to be better than any others. I usually use bulk ammo though, either federal or winchester 550 round packs. I can push (move) the extractor easily with my finger, I have a very reliable 10/22 for reference (my dads) and the extractor seems to offer the same amount of resistance. I notice that when the casings do extract, they go everywhere, forwards, backwards, far, near. So, my question to the rimfire forum braintrust is, any ideas? Any known fixes? Anybody with a similar problem and solution? Any help is much appreciated.

Thanks in advance!
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