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Thank Mas,

I was thinking along line of 10 years maybe a couple of years longer. Wanted to make the question short and precise, but always a back story I suppose.

I like to stick, for a while at least, with the same ammo in a carry gun once I find round that works. Also like to fire up to 500 rounds of carry ammo a year to assure continued function. And I like a deal. Liking a deal generally means stocking up when you find one. Often hard to find your favorite ammo at bargain prices of last year.

My G27 seems to function great with Federal 155 grain HST. I bought a bunch of cases from ammoman back in mid 2007 and still have 4 and a half cases left. So thinking of basically assigning that ammo to use in G27 until get close to "expiration date."

At the old price of $299 a thousand round case in hand, I figure can always use for range ammo once gets beyond 10 years old.

Again thanks for reply.
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