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Originally Posted by Jeepnik View Post
You know, Ruger has a pretty good rep for fixing things that aren't right. I'd give em a call, as spend a couple of bucks to send it to them.

My one and only problem with a Ruger was a well used Mark I Target that suddenly decided to go full auto one day. Packed it up, sent it to them, they fixed it and sent it back for free. That's why I bought more Rugers. I kinda like dealing with a company that stands behind their product.
You know, I have heard that they have good CS. I would send it to them but at this point it seems just as easy (and cheaper if it fixes the problem) to try the VQ Exact Edge first and see if that solves it without having to send the whole rifle or parts of the rifle anywhere.

By the way folks, my VQEE extractor is in the mail, will keep you updated.

Now, im off to find a thread on how to remove and replace the extractor.

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