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Originally Posted by SIG P229 View Post
perfesser are you the same person from the S&W Forum who fit a 940 cylinder to a Airweight?? If not sorry!!
I'm Headknocker @ the S&W Forum..
No, I'm not. But s/he sounds like an interesting gal/guy. My moniker is a reference to the "brainy" convict in all those prison movies. Also, my wife's ex-mother-in-law once referred to me that way. (We live in the Southeast.)

But I need to get more accurate -- somehow -- with my G34, which I like in all other respects.... I would be inclined to accept that it's just me, but a friend who is a cop and experienced shooter feels the same way about his.

Maybe I should try out somebody's G17L to see if I am better with that.
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