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G36 funky guide rod question

Hey guys. I have owned about every Glock almost, and never have seen one like I bought yesterday. I got a new G36 strating with serial # P. Well the guide rod sticks out of the front of the slide about 32nd of an inch or more with the slide on. With the slide off it is laying 'flush' with the nose of the slide.

I looked at several more at the gun show and they all did this. So there either all noraml or all broke ! Again, it is a P serial #.

Can you guys with 36's at least 3-4 years old or more, and new ones as well, please look ant see if the "nail head" looking front part of your guide rod on the out side muzzle end of the gun, with the slide 'on the frame', in it's natural state, has the 'nail head part of the rod' sticking out away from the slide just a tad. (like in the pictures). About a 32nd" and 'flush when slide is off'.

I would really appreciate it, and pics if possible. I have NO clue as to why the spring would slightly depress just sitting in the gun and push forward like this. Again, they all did it that I looked at at the gun show "after" I had already bought mine. So let's hear from you guys please. I will post this on general glocking as well, as this forum does not have much traffic.

Thanks boys.

Sorry about bad pics. It was a fast cell phone job this morning.

Slide on.

Thin to Win - G36 Club

Slide on.

Thin to Win - G36 Club

Slide OFF.

Thin to Win - G36 Club

Help me out fellas !


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