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Originally Posted by dreis454 View Post
yup my 30 & 36 are just like yours. don't worry about it.
Even if you replace them with steel units,they will still stick out some.

big congrats on getting the 36! how do you like the 'feel' of it compared to your 1911s?

First off .. Thanks ! Well I love my 1911's but this 36 does (even with my big hand) feel really good, no problem with that. I really like the slim little guy. Haven't shot it yet, been to busy. I will have more time in a day or two. You mentioned your G30. Mine (G30) the rod sets flush with the muzzle so does my G27 G29, all the "double spring glocks." This G36 is the only one I've seen that does it. Not trying to make a federal case of it, but it did make me wonder.

well, If you guys are not having problems with function (and we shouldn't with any glock), I will forget it and go on then. Man this little gun has got such a horrible bad rap on the internet, I just about didn't buy it yesterday after hearing all the horror stories on this gun.

I figured this just can't all be true, got to be some other reason for the malfunctions etc. So, I got it. Feels good in the hand, so I'll unload a few hundred rounds in a day or two.

Thanks again amigo. I appreciate it...

You boy's saddled this bronc, now let's see if you can ride it.

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