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for $40 to $80 you can get a GREAT knife that won't break the bank and won't have you regretting rough use.

I'm gonna do my usual and recomend a Benchmade Griptillian. It's my 90% or the time carry knife and I use it and use it hard. It looks like hell but still functions perfect and smooth and sharpens up like a razor time and time again. Plus (probly much to Mitch's disliking)...I'm an Axis Lock fanboy. I just love it. I have quite a few knives but except for my stainless spyderco delica that I carry when I want to look classy and prepared...I alway grab a Benchmade with the Axis. Rock solid lockup, one hand open and close. I just love it. And to me, the Griptillian is their beater knife.

You can't buy it and be dissatisfied.
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