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Golden Sabre / Ultimate home defense

Hello again Mas, I was looking to buy some Golden Sabers in 230 grain .45 and I came across the ( New? ) Remington HD Ultimate Home Defense rounds. The store was out of Golden Sabers so I opened the box and was surprised ( confused ) that the HD looked exactly like the GS. I went ahead and bought them cause I needed some HP for my .45. I went on Remingtons website and looked at the specs. They seem to be the exact same round as the GS. Is this just some new marketing ploy, or am I missing something? They have the exact same bullet and casing as the GS; but I was wondering if they maybe have a different powder or charge? Like I said before, they have all the same specs. as the GS. I was hoping you could let us know if it's truly different or just a GS with a more P.C. name. Thanks again for all you do for us Mas.
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