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I decided to CCW because I bought my first firearm last year and then realized that I could do so legally and it only seemed right.

But several things got me to the point of finally purchasing one. In 2006, a couple of events really had me pretty concerned about self protection. 1st, a friend's sister was carjacked with her boyfriend and she was subsequently sexually assaulted and murdered along with her boyfriend. A few months later, a girl I worked with was murdered by her ex-boyfriend. So I was in a pretty paranoid state which still wasn't enough to get me to purchase any kind of firearm. The budget was tight and I never really discussed it with my wife.

Fast forward to 2009. A burglar breaks into my neighbor's place while she is home. The burglar assumed that no one was home because they only have one car and the husband was out. Well, I happen to hear the commotion but didn't realize what was happening. I go to check on both front and back doors and don't see anything since luckily she was able to get away and run to a neighbor's place further down. Minutes later, I'm walking my dog and that's when the police show up. One week later I purchased my first firearm, an XD45 (and since, have added a shotgun and a Glock 23). 2 months later I have my CCW.

Doing so much research on firearms introduced me to CCW and it only seemed natural. I never planned on it but now can't imagine no CCW.
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