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Before I got that over 45 eye problem I really enjoyed shooting my iron sighted Ruger 44 at 200 yards. And 100 yards was a breeze with the iron sighted 44 and/or a 357 from a standing position two handed hold.

I still try to shoot them at 100 yards using special reading glasses. But I also try to take the carry guns for a spin at 50 yards and frequently 100 yards. I think it helps close range shooting. If you can get the basics correct at longer range it helps at closer range.

I've put down a lot of small moving (as in running) varmints at 3 to 15 yards with one of my CCW pieces without using my glasses. Granted the varmints aren't shooting back, but it builds my confidence that I could accurately hit something larger at those ranges if (God forbid) it ever becomes necessary.
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