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I carry my 340 Sc as a BUG and I get a little fun poked at me from the younger guys. That is until qualificaton day, and I shoot the same 30 round course as we do with our primary weapons. Nothing wrong with the sub-compact Glocks, I carry one often. However, I find myself choosing the J frame for errrands, and it makes a great "always" gun.

I have an opinion about the little Kel-tecs and LCP's, however I own a LCP, and it beats nothing when it is as big as I can carry in certain summer attire.

I own six J frames, and originally carried a model 60 for years as a BUG and off duty choice. The 340 Sc is easy to carry and with practice very well suited for self defense. I have been on my soap box for years about the excellent choice of J frames for off duty, and BUG's.
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