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Thanks guys for the comments. I too am glad that one of our members bought it

Spending that much on a gun was not even on the radar. However, getting a dud SRP was unlikely, and the price point was hard to beat. I put 250 rounds through it on Friday. It was my 2nd range trip of the day, so I only stayed fresh for about 30 minutes. During that time I felt like I was shooting laser beams. The accuracy of this pistol is ridiculous. Now if the shooter was a little more consistent...

The SRP is exactly how everyone has described - a shooter's shooter. It's a no frills working gun. The checkering really grabs your hand, similar to my old TRP, but a little kinder. Even the trigger is a little grippier than I've experienced on others.

A sincere thank you, Brian. You know it's good when even my wife approves

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