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Originally Posted by SIG P229 View Post
perfesser are you the same person from the S&W Forum who fit a 940 cylinder to a Airweight?? If not sorry!!
I'm Headknocker @ the S&W Forum..

I always figured the 17L would be more accurate than the 19 or 17??
It has a longer sight radius & a 6" barrel which would also give higher velocities with standard pressure ammo..
Also the added weight couldn't hurt either..
Plus a factory 3.5/4.5 Connector..
The closest thing to a 17L I've shot was an HK USP45Tactical & it was deadly, I also shot a SIG P220Sport with comp & it also was very accurate..
Thanks for the reply
My brother and I both shoot my G34 noticeably more accurately than his G19.

Since it's a photo thread I guess I'll include some pics, sorry, they suck.

Long Slide Forum
My G34 along with the most accurate gun I Buckmark Camper. That thing ate that target up from 10 yards all the way out to 30 yards.

Long Slide Forum
On the kitchen counter with my USP40

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