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KRISS mag extensions for G21 (G20)

Anyone out there using these? These are made for the G21 mags (which just happen to be the same as the G20 mags, or so I thought). In any case, two of these things show up and I promptly disassemble two of my stock G20 mags. I had two identical NOS old school LEO ONLY stamped ones so I decided to use those. As I'm stuffing the new spring up into the new much longer tube assembly, I realize the spring is actually rubbing on the inside of the top part (of the stock tube). I figure it'll break itself in and press on. Well, I proceed to stuff 31 rounds of 10mm in there and am very pleased until I try to unload it. About 20 rounds come out as advertised then stop. There were a few rounds that became jammed in the tube at a slight angle. I fish them all out but the follower appears to be stuck. I disassemble the mag and I had to actually pull pretty hard to free the new spring from the old section of the mag tube.

A brief online investigation reveals that there have been a few problems with the new springs rubbing the inside of the older stock mag tubes. OK, I have a brand new, recently manufactured one. I drag it out and same thing all over again and the spring sticks in the new one too; not nearly as bad but still sticks.

Question: has anyone A) used them with any success as intended in a G21 (.45 ACP) or B) done what I'm trying to do and/or can tell me why it's not working here.


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